Daily Digest: XP Hangs On, Big Data’s Best Language, Rules for Hiring Great Developers, and more…


U.S. Firms Struggling with Windows XP End of Life Deadline: 
A surprising number of US firms will continue running Windows XP after the end of life (EOL) cut-off this April, a survey for cloud services firm Evolve IP has found. Some planning upgrades will use the cloud and virtualisation to rationalise their PC infrastructure going forward.
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Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Microsoft’s Office Blogs Site: 
After hijacking several of Microsoft’s Twitter accounts and compromising its official blog over the past two weeks, the Syrian Electronic Army hacked into the Microsoft Office Blogs site Monday.
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Azure Receives PCI Certification and a Host of Improvements: 
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5 Reasons Why Your IT Job Search is Getting Harder: 
The IT job market is slowing down, use of contingency workers is picking up, and Congress has an unfinished fight ahead on the H-1B visa. These factors and others are making the IT hiring trends to expect in 2014.
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Which Language Is Best for Big Data?: 
Big Data is a field where even a single millisecond loss can be significant over billions of events. Yet, languages often regarded as slow like Python have gained a lot of popularity in the past year. Recent articles and discussions in the Big Data community have started reigniting the debate around the choice of a programming language for data science and Big Data.
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7 simple rules for hiring great developers: 
The war for programming talent is full bore. Here’s how to hire the best coders when competing with the big boys
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Project Manager Personal Branding: 
Like it or not, people have opinions of you …how you dress, your performance, stature, dress smell and everything else about you.
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Linux Integraton Services for Hyper-V: 
In this episode, Rick interviews Abhishek Gupta – a program manager in Microsoft Open Source Technology Center who works on the Linux Integration Services team. He goes through the new release functionality, availability for various distributions as well as previewing the new Generation 2 VM capabilities for Linux Guests. Some great reference information as well as demos showing off Linux Integration Services 3.5 goodness.
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