Why Your Next Big IT Project is Doomed

Have you had a IT project go astray? Maybe you were lucky and it was a brief hiccup with minimal financial consequences. Or maybe you had a disaster of biblical proportions, such as the one that befell Levi Strauss in […]

Virtual Meeting Challenges: Stop Fighting the Multitaskers

Evidence of people multitasking during virtual meetings includes the tap-tap-tap of keyboarding, silence when asking for input from someone, and the steady drip of “Could you repeat that please?” from attendees.  Andrea Brockmeier has good news and bad news to […]

The Risks of Project Risk Management

Project risk management is in itself a rather risky undertaking and the communication of project risk is in need of a major overhaul. In this perspective, Nigel Chisnall considers the current quality of risk communication and examines metaphorical approaches to […]