14 Tech Experts’ Takes On The Most Impactful Industry Developments Of 2020

With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, my journey extends across the FinTech, Time and Attendance, and Oil and Gas industries, both in industry and in the consulting space. I have had the privilege to have worked for startups, mid-size, and multi-national corporations, and have filled many roles throughout my career.

In previous roles, I have led cross-functional teams in the delivery of products taking them to market in the fastest way, with the highest quality, and with a clear ROI.

While at Houston Methodist Hospital, I led multiple strategic digital transformation efforts. Recently, I served as Chief Technology Officer at Logica Ratio, a consulting firm in the medico-legal space, where I lead all aspects of technology enablement and digital transformation. This included weaving an agile and continuous improvement mindset throughout the organization as well as a complete overhaul of the organization’s operations, technology, and cybersecurity.

These days I am part of the Products and Innovation team at Slalom, a modern consulting firm that focuses on strategy, technology and business transformation.

Although my first love was not technology, and at one point I thought of becoming a professional musician, I love technology in how it touches people’s daily lives.  I believe we are uniquely positioned to make a difference in the lives of others by providing experiences that improve their day-to-day lives.

I am originally from Argentina, the land of the tango, excellent wine and steak as well as world-class soccer, and moved to Houston in the early ’90s.  I currently live in Sugar Land, TX with my wife Virginia, son Andres and daughters Ana, and Lorena.  When not at work, you will find me in my home studio producing music or participating with the family in different events throughout the community.  I’m an avid reader of philosophy, politics, history, religion, and the occasional spy novel. 

Leading with a values-centric leadership approach is very important to me. I wrote an article for the Forbes Technology Council to illustrates my views titled The Importance of Values-Centric Leadership. I also wrote an article on 5 Essentials Components of a Healthy Organization. These two articles provide a summary of how I lead and what is important to me. As leaders, we have a responsibility to move those values off the wall and into day-to-day conversations. We have been given talents for a purpose and everything that drives us should be geared towards maximizing them for the good of others.

I contributed to a very timely article: 14 Tech Experts’ Takes On The Most Impactful Industry Developments Of 2020.

Technology has always been a rapidly evolving industry, but the adaptations and pivots necessitated by the pandemic have made 2020 unique. Systems and technologies that have surged to the forefront in recent months may have especially long-lasting implications for business and society as a whole, and it’s wise for everyone to be aware as they prepare for work and life during the remainder of — and after — the pandemic.

In the new normal of working remotely, virtual collaboration tools have become the crucial element for a team that needs to be in constant, meaningful, and productive communication. Any technology that contributes to better virtual collaboration will be front and center of investments by companies as they empower and enable their teams to continue to be productive while working remotely.

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