I focus on three specific areas to help companies grow and realize their goals.


Taking a product to market in the fastest way possible, with the highest security and quality, and a clear ROI takes a lot of moving parts that need to be set in place and be properly managed. I leverage Agile methodologies to help you take your product to market with speed and quality. I also help you with your Agile Product Delivery strategy by first understanding your current needs while also looking to the future, anticipating how your Agile practice needs to scale to properly support your Product Development roadmap. 

Product Development

Often times organizations are stuck on how to turn an idea into a product or, having already launched one, they struggle with establishing a maturity roadmap that allows their product to continue to delight their customers. I help you establish your product roadmap while fostering a culture of innovation within your organization. 

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A thriving organization knows what it stands for, who their customer is, where it is headed, and how to attract the right talent to achieve its strategic goals. I help you put these key building blocks in place by assessing your organization on strategic areas that foster long-term growth.