Taking a product to market in the fastest way possible, with the highest security and quality, and a clear ROI takes a lot of moving parts that need to be put in place and properly managed. I help you with your Agile Product Delivery strategy by first understanding your current needs and strategic goals.

Envision Phase

The Envision Phase of Agile Development focuses on collecting necessary background information to create a high-level project vision and plan where Epics and Features are created and prioritized based on clear KPIs that focus on value delivered to the customer. This is also where technology challenges are mitigated and initial decisions are made. I help you in the creation of a prioritized plan of action to take your product to market.

Project Delivery

As part of the project execution phase, we assemble and manage cross-functional teams to deliver solutions quickly and to respond to change. This phase focuses on four stages:

  • Plan
  • Execute
  • Review
  • Revise

Business Agility

Business Agility is the alignment of your business in one single philosophy and methodology in how to approach user-centric problem-solving. Though these disciplines can be applied separately, they are in many respects related to one another and they all have the Customer at the center. I help make agility and continuous improvement part of your culture.